The Effects of Bathing and Skin Care Practices on Skin Quality and Satisfaction with an Innovative Product

Cynthia M. Sheppard, RN, MSN, and Phyllis S. Brenner, RN, PhD

Testung des alternativen Körper-Wasch-Systems BagBath®

Antje Schmidt, WKK Heide, Dr. Stefan Schröder (ltd. OA der operativen ITS), Frau Katrin Blanck-Köster

DRK Schwesternschaft e.V. Bildungszentrum Schlump

Single-Blind Randomized Controlled Clinical Study of Skin Irritation and Sensitization Potential of Skin Cleansing and Protection Product

André Luiz Vergnanini, PhD in Dermatology – Unicamp. Institution/Execution: Allergisa Pesquisa Dermato-Cosmética LTDA